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YouTuber Punishes Counter-Strike Cheaters With Fake Hacks

If you spend any amount of your time playing competitive video games, you will eventually run into a cheater, and that’s never fun. However, watching would-be cheaters get their comeuppance is quite entertaining, and thanks to one YouTuber who goes by the handle ScriptKid, we can see the karmic scales balance in real time in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

ScriptKid has developed fake cheating software for a variety of games that bamboozles and punishes those who download it in amusing fashion. The software can replace the cheater’s bullets with blanks, prevent them from opening doors (complete with a very convincing knocking sound), and even take control of the player entirely. This results in several cheaters willfully throwing themselves off the side of the skyscraper in CS:GO’s Vertigo map, which is quite funny to watch.

ScriptKid’s previous videos fall in the same milieu, with an earlier version of their Counter-Strike hack forcing the player to throw a grenade at their own feet, or dropping their weapon as they run headlong into enemy fire. The YouTuber is able to personally verify these punished cheaters because the software automatically sends him footage of their games, which is a nice touch. They also claim to have spent over $2000 promoting his fake cheats via Google Ads, so they’re clearly devoted to the cause.

In other Counter-Strike news, the game’s source code was recently leaked along with Team Fortress 2’s, though Valve says it isn’t that concerned about it. A recent patch nerfed CS:GO’s scoped rifles, including the AUG and SG553.

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