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Yandy releases Halloween ‘Banned App Costume’ ahead of TikTok restrictions

Yandy debuted its "Sexy Banned App Costume" ahead of Halloween. (Photo: Courtesy of Yandy)
Yandy debuted its “Sexy Banned App Costume” ahead of Halloween. (Photo: Courtesy of Yandy)

TikTok’s days could be numbered in the U.S., but you can celebrate the social media app with a new (and sexy) Halloween costume.

On Friday, fashion retailer Yandy released its Banned App Costume, a black crop top featuring a censored musical note (similar to the TikTok logo), high-waisted bottoms with “BANNED!” printed on the back and fishnet stockings. The $32.95 Halloween costume is available for preorder on the company website in sizes S, M and L.

“Yandy Halloween customers are tech-savvy, early adopters,” a company spokesperson tells Yahoo Life. “We knew the storm brewing around whether or not they’d be able to feed-scroll into the wee hours of the night weighed heavily on their hearts. This costume is perfect for posting the dance craze of the moment, even if they can’t download their fav app anymore.”

On Friday, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced it will ban downloads of the Chinese-owned WeChat and TikTok social media apps on Sunday over security concerns. TikTok, which is owned by ByteDance, is a popular app for creating short dance and humor videos and WeChat, owned by Tencent Holdings, is a messaging-and-payment app.

On Aug. 6, the White House issued an executive order claiming that TikTok “continues to threaten the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States.” The White House stated that data collected by the app allows the Chinese Communist Party to access the American people’s personal data, censors content and spreads misinformation.

TikTok has a Nov. 12 deadline to negotiate with U.S. software company Oracle, according to the New York Times.

Last year, Yandy sold a College Scandal Costume hooked to a group of wealthy parents who either cheated on SAT tests or falsified their children’s school credentials to get them into elite colleges. In 2019, Felicity Huffman of Desperate Housewives served 11 days of a two-week prison sentence for inflating her daughter’s SAT scores and Lori Loughlin of Fuller House fame (and her fashion designer husband Mossimo Giannulli) will serve sentences of two months and five months, respectively, for pretending that daughters Olivia Jade and Isabella Giannulli were crew stars for admission to the University of Southern California.

The Banned App Costume isn’t the only topical Halloween get-up. Retailers Etsy and Amazon are selling “Karen” costumes — masks with outraged facial expressions and wigs with layered haircuts — riffing on white women who made high-profile complaints about Black people this year.

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