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Xbox Shows Off Robot White Controller, Which Comes With Series S

The Xbox Series S has been unveiled, and the lower-spec $299 unit is set to launch on November 10 alongside the Xbox Series X. Alongside the new system, which comes in a white chassis, Microsoft has also unveiled a new controller color to match it.

The “robot white” controller is what you’ll get in the box if you buy a Series S, and aside from the color it’ll be the same as the controller included with the Series X. That means you’ll get an improved D-Pad, a textured grip across the triggers and bumpers, and a share button.

If you prefer this design to the black controller bundled in with the Series X, the good news is that this controller will be available separately, too. It’s also compatible with the Xbox One and PC, so if you just want a new controller with a share button for your current systems you can pick one up.

Individual pricing for the new controllers has not been announced yet. The Series S/X will also be compatible with Xbox One controllers, including the Elite controller.

While we now know quite a bit about Xbox’s next-gen launch, we are still waiting on a final release date and price for Sony’s PS5. Like Microsoft, Sony is releasing two versions of the console, but they will be identical except for either having or omitting a disc drive. Their new controller is the DualSense, and it seems that PS5 games will not be playable with a DualShock 4.

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