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Vivo IFEA Concept Smartphone With Detachable Camera Wins Red Dot Award

Smartphone manufacturers have been long trying to achieve all-screen design. And in this process, the Vivo concept smartphone IFEA with a detachable camera module has grabbed Red Dot Award.

Moreover, OEMs have somewhat achieved the all-screen design with the motorized pop-up camera module or flip camera mechanism, etc. But all boils down to the device’s durability.

However, Vivo’s concept phone dubbed as Vivo IFEA that has a modular camera system has won the Red Dot Design Award. Well, it is no denying fact that Vivo is always the front runner when it comes to smartphone innovation.

Vivo was the first OEM to bring under-display fingerprint technology, which was later adopted by other OEMs. And now once again, Vivo is stealing the limelight with its detachable or modular camera system.

As per the official award landing page, the Vivo IFEA is Vivo’s answer to provide new photography system experience on smartphones. This is fairly something new which we did not have on any smartphone, as of yet.

The camera module on the Vivo IFEA can be detached, allowing the OEM to achieve the minimum bezel, all-screen design. Besides, the modular camera can also be used as an independent device.

Vivo IFEA’s modular camera can be detached from the device and can be used remotely

Another great implementation, well at least in the concept, is that the modular camera can be detached and used as a separate device. Besides, it can be used using voice commands as well.

The Red Dot website description about Vivo IFEA reads that this new mechanism can be used while walking or during sports without any compromise to quality, thanks to increasing stability and storage.

Additionally, the detachable camera device can be seamlessly integrated with the device’s user-friendly shooting or camera features. Making it easier for the user to create content, anytime, anywhere.

The Vivo IFEA detachable camera smartphone is supposed to have an interactive and innovative design. Several other accessories will also be available to take advantage of the detachable port.

At the moment, it is unclear how Vivo will go ahead with this modular camera design. On paper, the concept does look promising. But we know how good concepts churn out in reality.

On the reality side of things, Vivo is all set to launch the Vivo X60 series devices. But these devices will be launched in the home country of China. And is the successor to the Vivo X50 series introduced in June this year.

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