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UI, Create Button Functions Are Still Mysteries One Month Before Launch


  • Prospective PS5 buyers remain intrigued over the UI and create button
  • Despite allowing people to demo games, Sony has yet to reveal these DualSense functions 
  • It remains uncertain if Sony will clear these up before the console launches on Nov. 12

Despite the PlayStation 5 console launch rapidly approaching, Sony is still keeping certain aspects of its DualSense controller a mystery.

During a recent preview event, both the console’s menus and the new controller button were purposely made inaccessible to players who had the opportunity to try the new system, Screen Rant noted.

The Verge reported that some members of the Japanese media and influencers were given early access to the PS5 at an event and were allowed to play some games on the console. Footage from “Astro’s Playroom,” “Godfall” and some other games were posted online, but attendees were not given access to the unit’s user interface.

The report noted that despite using the DualSense controller to play the titles, those select few were not given access to the device menus nor were they allowed to tap the create button. To this day, neither feature has been demonstrated to the public, leaving many scratching their heads about what these can actually do.

Haptic feedback, a built-in mic and improved triggers have consistently been pushed by Sony as functions of the DualSense that they have hyped and discussed, but those do not take away from the ambiguity over what the create button can do and what the user interface will be like.

It’s a baffling strategy and appears to have no clear reasoning behind it since products with several functions are more likely to entice buyers to purchase rather than make them consider a rival console in the form of the Xbox Series X.

Sony got enough bad press from the lack of coordination and the mass confusion that came in the first few hours after the company opened pre-orders for the PlayStation 5.

Those who have already made up their minds between the Microsoft and Sony consoles will likely not change their opinion based on information such as these being revealed to the public. Yet one cannot help but feel that it may swing some votes or at least reassure PlayStation 5 buyers that they’re making the right investment.

If Sony is indeed waiting until the last minute before making some kind of game-changing announcement regarding the DualSense’s functions, it might be skating on thin ice as this console war readies to explode in earnest.

The PS5 is set to be released on Nov. 12. Pre-order for the gaming console started on Sept. 17.

DualSense Controller DualSense Controller Photo: Sony

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