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Two Fundamentals This 20-Year Old Has Followed to Become Social Media Marketing Mogul

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Besides creativity, constant effort and originality are the other essential things needed to become a successful social media influencer.

Dylan DeGennaro knows this too well as at the young age of 20 he has managed to create a successful brand for himself in the digital space, specifically in music marketing.

DeGennaro started his career in social media five years back with a sports page. Over time he developed interest in sports and realised the powerful role social media plays in building a strong presence in any niche. These two factors prompted the young man to start on his own path.

With the ability to create original content and the creativity to constantly generate elements that would attract a large number of followers, DeGennaro had just the formula to grow within social media. When he saw that his publications were being received well by users, he decided to move forward and in just six months he had about hundred thousand followers.

From sports, he moved on to other niches, hoping to find the same level of success. From motivation, to fitness, to even a page of memes, he tried it all. However, it was the music industry that finally captured his attention. At the age of 17, he found a partner who helped him get his bearings in the music industry and although the two didn’t know each other personally, the connection between them was immediate, as they both shared similar ideas.

It was then that @freestyles was born.

Today, the brand has been renamed to @rapmusic and boasts of over 3.9 million followers. The brand, which is related to everything rap, by creating original content, focusing on the audience, and maintaining consistency has clocked phenomenal growth and is constantly innovating.

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Never Borrow Ideas Others

DeGennaro swears by originality.

For him, a distinctive aspect of his content management is originality. He emphasizes that in a market where competition is stiff, generating his own original ideas has always made him stand out differently.

It is perhaps the result of his constant focus on originality that DeGennaro, at such a young age, has already become a reference in digital marketing for his ability to grow an audience and more importantly, keep them engaged through the constant generation of unique content.

Along with his partner, he has helped many a clients to successfully scale their businesses by providing them social media strategy. Although the duo has clocked phenomenal growth already, they continue to work harder to expand their brand’s presence further.

Know Your Audience

In addition to establishing the niche wherein he wanted to operate, DeGennaro says he took time to get to know his audience. He emphasizes that creating interesting content does not make sense if one does not know the people he or she wants to reach.

“In my opinion, knowing what your audience likes is key. So, by publishing what I liked, I knew they would like it too,” DeGennaro says.

He also emphasizes that the commitment to achieve results is also a motivating aspect. He points out that during his early days, he would send multiple messages on a daily basis to sports pages for labels. This approach has helped him in creating a great community.

Simple Can Pay Off

One piece of advice this young influencer shares with others planning to build a career in this field is to look at the details and even consider the simplest things as an element of power. In the case of user names specifically, DeGennaro points out, simplicity can attract more attention.

Focusing on original content and using simple usernames that people can easily find and memorise will give you more permanence in social media.

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Invest in What You Believe In

At one time, DeGennaro recalls being constantly anxious due to the loss of a large number of his followers. He says that although this was a threatening aspect, believing in the potential of his ideas motivated him to advance in the construction of his project.

So, he invested over USD 30,000 in strategies that not only helped him stop the loss of followers but also obtain better results.

Currently, in addition to @rapmusic, he manages @male, which has a following of over 2.9 million users. Both accounts are related in content.

Dylan thoroughly enjoys his work, a detail he sees as crucial on the road to success. Currently, he is developing his university career in advertising and integrated communications. His main purpose is to graduate and continue growing.

On being asked what his next project would be, he says that he aims to create his own rap media company along with his partner.

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