• Sun. Feb 5th, 2023



This powerful 16GB smartphone is on sale for just $79

by: Nick L

The latest and greatest iPhones are undeniably awesome gadgets. The only problem is that they’re also undeniably overpriced, and you actually don’t need to spend that much money in order to land a smartphone that’s incredibly powerful, stylish, and fast.

Meet the brand new CellAllure® Fashion C Smartphone, which comes loaded with a whopping 16GB of storage along with the super-fast Android 8.1 OS and a powerful camera, all for just $79 when you pick one up right now.

For a fraction of the cost of an iPhone or comparable smartphone, the Fashion C will help you stay connected thanks to an 8MP camera that captures super-clear photos and videos, and an ultra-fast quad-core processor that makes it easy to use multiple apps simultaneously.

It comes with the award-winning Android Oreo OS that offers rapid phone performance across the board, and 1GB of RAM is more than enough to ensure that you’re able to work with all of your go-to apps and run various home screens with ease.

This smartphone also boasts a gorgeous 6-inch IPS touch screen that’s incredibly responsible, and you’ll be able to browse websites, view photos, and watch videos in incredible detail.

Your order even comes with a protective case along with a pair of earbuds so you can start listening to your favorite tunes right away.

Treat yourself to a next-generation smartphone that won’t break the bank. Usually priced at nearly $100, the CellAllure® Fashion C Smartphone is on sale right now for just $79—20% off for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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