• Mon. Feb 6th, 2023



This giant scorpion is really a zero-gravity gaming chair and computer workstation


Behold the Cluvens scorpion chair and computer workstation.


If you’re looking for the ultimate computer workstation or esports gaming chair, and you want to pretend you’re trapped inside a giant scorpion, your dreams are about to come true. 

Behold the Cluvens IW-SK zero-gravity esports gaming chair and workstation. The elaborate chair and desk support one ultra-wide 49″ monitor or 3 curved monitors measuring 27″ each. The unusual contraption also has prebuilt HDMI/DP cables to connect to monitors.

“This is our new model of the year 2020 that’s in the shape of a scorpion. Comfortable recline up to 170 degrees,” the website states. The chair and desk are electrically controlled with one touch. 

The impressive scorpion desk/chair setup retails on Alibaba for $1,900 (about £1,485, AU$2,608).

If this scorpion-like gaming chair and workstation looks familiar, you might remember similar designs such as Acer’s Predator Thronos Air gaming chair that came out last year, as well as the MWE Labs Emperor chair that debuted in 2012. 

Granted not everyone has space at home for a massive, moving scorpion-shaped workstation. But it sure does look cool. 

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