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The Zhiyun Smooth XS smartphone gimbal’s auto subject-tracking and extended reach are here to up your vlog game (Sponsored)

Founded in 2015, Zhiyun has made it their mission to create versatile, easy-to-use gimbals for a variety of cameras and smartphones. Earlier this month, we shared a close look at the premium Crane 2S. This week, we have all the details on the new Smooth XS that comes with auto subject-tracking and a nifty selfie mode.

The Zhiyun Smooth XS is a mobile smartphone gimbal that features an ergonomic design with an anti-slip grip, paired to a stability system that keeps photos sharp and videos smooth. It weighs in at only 249g, ensuring that the gimbal is light and comfortable to hold while filming or snapping photos. For the ultimate convenience and portability, the Smooth XS is rocking an innovative slide-up handle that allows the gimbal to pop out when needed and collapse for easier storage. The rod can even be extended out to 260mm, creating an ideally balanced selfie stick that’s great at capturing wider shots.

The Smooth XS is also packing some unique tech features. For starters, it can easily rotate your smartphone to shoot in either landscape or portrait mode. With some help from the official ZY Cami app by Zhiyun, users can enable hand gestures — like showing a palm with five fingers outstretched, or holding up a two-fingered peace sign  — to tell the gimbal when to snap a selfie, or to start and stop a video, all without setting up a timer. The app can also tell the Smooth XS to automatically follow a target, ensuring the subject is always in frame, even if it’s in motion. Finally, the app contains plenty of video templates and editing features, along with slow motion capture, immersive timelapse, and panorama modes.

Zhiyun’s Smooth XS is compatible with both Android and iOS. It is capable of holding and stabilizing most smartphones that weigh up to 235g, including the brand new Galaxy Note20 Ultra (208g), OnePlus 8 Pro (199g), and iPhone 11 Pro Max (226g).

Purchase your Zhiyun Smooth XS today

The Smooth XS is available for purchase at Zhiyun’s online store and Amazon for $74.99. It comes in white or pink, making it ideal for all types of personal styles and preferences. Finally, Zhiyun is offering free shipping on all Smooth XS orders.

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