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The Ways Running a Website Can be Harmful to the Environment


Aug 26, 2021

Running a website requires a number of things- time, money, devotion, and another not usually mentioned- consciousness.

Energy consumption happens in many ways, and in the sphere of web development, the running of websites contributes a lot. It is necessary that consciousness is heard with how a website is run, because where the care to be taken is not, the environment is put at risk.

Feedback are shared on UK.collected.reviews about green energy sources and the role they play in combating the harms posed to the environment from energy waste.

It is necessary the knowledge on how running a website could even cause harm to the environment is first had, as it is only then the means to manage and prevent the waste can be observed. Below are four ways running a website can pose harm to the environment:

The Devices

Websites are not built on paper. They are built on devices, and these devices need to be powered before they can be used. The question as to the type of power used to generate electricity must be had, because where fossil fuel is what is used, more danger than necessary is posed to the environment. Where green energy is however used, this would greatly improve the environment, because comfort can be had in the fact that no matter how much time is spent on the device(s), renewable energy is what is getting it powered.

The Data

The amount of data that requires a site to be run is not static, and it is usually determined by several factors that are peculiar to the site in question. The use of sites is a never ending process of data transfer. Sometimes it is the data transferred from our devices to the server, and at other times, from the server to our devices. They usually appear to happen simultaneously, which creates ease as sites are navigated. There should be a conscious reduction in the amount of data that is transferred, because the more data sent and stored, the more energy it is expended.

Aesthetics or Optimization

There are several guides as to how to keep many on your site for longer than they intend to, and having a video playing in the background is one usually advised, as humans, being visual may tend to remain glued to a site for that reason. However, leaving said videos running only serve to increase the amount of data used, which in turn works to worry the environment. Having them instead be clicked is an option that should be considered.

Mindfulness as data is used is what is important. Servers are left running 24/7, so it is necessary that the amount of data that goes in is not any more than what can be avoided. It is just about the same way our computers are switched off after we are done with use for them, because there is a consciousness as to the energy consumed. As servers are never switched off, the only way to ensure that energy is still getting conserved is by taking care with how much data is involved in every site visit.