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The 2020 Cognitive Test Person Woman Man Camera TV Card Game Is Here!

Make America Game Again

Prepare to be Cognitively Tested! The frenzied card slamming political satire game is now available and will bring much needed laugh out loud fun to homes everywhere. Brilliantly illustrated by Political Cartoonist Phil Hands, each card in the 72 card deck is a collectible drawing highlighting Tweeting, The Wall, Law & Order, Fake News, politicians from both sides of the aisle, and the viral phrases and events of 2020. Person Woman Man Camera TV must be repeated in the right order or players with find themselves acting out the crazy happenings of 2020, including Corona, Kanye and Tiger King. This snap-based satirical card game will have any game night in a frenzy.

The 2020 Cognitive Test Person Woman Man Camera TV is the perfect game for debate night, election night, Christmas dinner or any night there’s a need for laugh out loud fun. Challenge your Terrific & Wonderful friends with this Classy product (it really is), Made by Incredible people, really, the BEST people. And the Game? It’s Great, and it’s not a lot of money.

The $20 card box sized game, inspired by the widely viewed President Trump interview and subsequent spoof by comedian Sarah Cooper, is available at https://tremendous.games or Amazon.

Click the link below to download photos of a sampling of the cards:

About Tremendous Games LLC

Created by two New York Creatives, Tull Price and Natasha Shick, this game was built out of a desire to share a little laughter with the world, influenced by the crazy events of 2020 and the current political climate and inspired by the popular kids game Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. Follow Tremendous Games LLC on social media @tremendousgames on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Also @tremendous.games on TikTok.

About Phil Hands

Phil Hands is the editorial cartoonist for the Wisconsin State Journal in Madison, Wis. His cartoons have appeared in USA Today, Newsweek, Time and The Washington Post and are currently syndicated nationally by Tribune Content Agency.

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