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Technology will be key to guarantee access to water in the post-pandemic world

VALENCIA, Spain, Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Technology will be critical to ensure water supply in emerging countries around the world in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, explained Chema Nebot, Head of Business Development at Spanish Water technology company Idrica.

Nebot, who is one of the leading experts in integral water cycle management technology in Europe, explained that to strengthen the access of the most vulnerable societies to water resources it is going to be necessary and urgent to implement technologies such as digital twin and smart meters in the developing world.

Processes optimisation and automation will boost energy efficiency in the water industry, and countries must bet on the future of the access to water to avoid social conflict.

“The world of tomorrow will rely on good management of water resources across the world. The success of that effort depends largely on the state of maturity of each community. That is why we are working in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America to help local water operators improve their technological capacity,” explained Nebot from Idrica’s headquarters in Spain.

To strengthen utility management capabilities in the most affected countries, Idrica has signed – together with its parent company GoAigua – contracts in Mexico and Qatar that will allow it to continue to promote its technology and vision in the Latin American and Middle Eastern markets.

With the help of GoAigua, more than 20 cities with a combined population of almost 10 million people implemented a detailed sampling plan that includes collecting samples from utility holes every other day at specific times and locations.

According to experts, one of the main consequences of the coronavirus pandemic maybe social unrest – including the potential for violence in water-insecure cities around the world.

In addition, access to water will be one of the leading indicators for social unrest in the developing world.

Headquartered in Valencia – and with operations in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America – IDRICA aims to become a leading company in the digital transformation for the water sector, providing services and technological solutions for managing the entire water cycle. 

Idrica provides services and implements a proprietary technological solution called GoAigua, considered the most advanced solution in the world for managing the integral water cycle.

The company, which began operations in early 2020, and its technology has been key to detecting outbreaks of coronavirus in the sanitation systems of many cities around the world.

During the pandemic, the company pushed the Idrica Water Security Series are several digital meetings sponsored by Idrica to bring together the world’s leading experts on water security.


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