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  • Bright rocks on Ryugu reveal the asteroid’s violent past

Bright rocks on Ryugu reveal the asteroid’s violent past

© Provided by Popular Science Ryugu is approximately 0.6 miles wide and weighs 450 million tons. Asteroid Ryugu was somewhat of a mystery when astronomers first spotted it back in…

Scientists shine light on tiny crystals behind unexpected violent eruptions — ScienceDaily

In a new study of volcanic processes, Bristol scientists have demonstrated the role nanolites play in the creation of violent eruptions at otherwise ‘calm’ and predictable volcanoes. The study, published…

Facebook Warned for 5 Years of Violent Event Pages: Civil Rights Groups

Photo: Pool (Getty Images) Over the course of five years, Facebook executives received numerous warnings that event pages were being used to organize hate rallies and other far-right gatherings that…

Gary leaders debate mayor’s armed guard, security camera mandate to curb violent crime | Gary News

“We have 52, 53 gas stations, and that’s a lot of shifts, a lot of people,” Godwin said. Crime up in Gary Evans said the need for working security cameras…