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  • Economist evaluated Swiss unemployment insurance data — ScienceDaily

Economist evaluated Swiss unemployment insurance data — ScienceDaily

Everyone has to call in sick at work at some point. With caseworkers at the employment office, however, a sudden absence has direct economic consequences for a third party: The…

California’s unemployment backlog shrinks to 1.3 million

LaToya Horne, 41, speaks with a reporter outside of the Employment Development Department on Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020, in Sacramento, Calif. A hairstylist, Horne said she went months without unemployment…

Stolen identities set stage for unemployment scams in Colorado and elsewhere

Unemployment insurance programs in Colorado and around the country are struggling with an unprecedented wave of fraudulent claims, something cybersecurity experts say numerous data breaches the past decade have made…

California halting new unemployment claims for 2 weeks during ‘reset’ with staff, technology

California will not accept new unemployment claims over the next two weeks while the state’s Employment Development Department adopts new fraud prevention technology and works to clear out a backlog,…