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Twitch Picked Up Most Of Mixer’s Streamers, Report Shows

KEY POINTS Twitch’s share of hours broadcast on major live-streaming platforms saw the biggest increase after Mixer’s shutdown This is despite Mixer’s attempt to funnel its streamers to Facebook Gaming Twitch saw a…

A Professional Camcorder Live Streamers Needs to See Before Buying a Camera

With 2020 being a year that effectively guillotined all businesses that are not able to adapt to taking their operations online in keeping up with the high-speed Internet era, content…

Streaming report: Twitch inherits Mixer’s streamers, now has 91% of all content produced

Microsoft abruptly shutting down Mixer back in June has ended up as a boon for Amazon’s Twitch platform. That’s according to a new report from Stream Hatchet and Streamlabs, which…

Twitch Rolls Out Soundtrack Beta To Give Streamers Rights-Cleared Music

Licensed music has been an issue for many streamers in the past, with takedown notices coming from rights holders and making certain games complicated to stream or post videos of.…