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  • In the shadow of TikTok, China’s apps quietly hoover up downloads

In the shadow of TikTok, China’s apps quietly hoover up downloads

While SHEIN has its origins in China it is one of the biggest shopping apps in the United States, SHAREit has been banned in India despite being massively popular elsewhere,…

Shadow industry of Amazon consultants alter listings for a fee

After four years of selling massagers on Amazon, one seller noticed in March 2019 that his most popular product had split into two separate listings, one for each color. He…

Famous shadow of black hole provides novel test for new theories of gravity | Science

Shadow of black hole in M87 galaxy is wobbling and has been for a while — ScienceDaily

Analysis of previously unpublished data from observations of M87* between 2009 and 2013 by scientists at the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) has revealed that the crescent shadow of the black…

The only black hole we’ve ever seen has a shadow that wobbles

“We want to understand physics in the extreme conditions in the vicinity of a black hole and learn about how the black hole interacts with the matter in its immediate…

Asian business confidence rebounds sharply, pandemic casts shadow: Thomson Reuters/INSEAD survey

By Nikhil Nainan BENGALURU, India (Reuters) – Business sentiment among Asian firms rebounded in the third quarter as easing coronavirus restrictions lifted sales but lingering uncertainty over the pandemic thwarted…