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Robinhood Accounts Looted and No Customer Service to Call

Accounts Looted, Customers Watched Helplessly Have a problem at Robinhood? Well, that’s too damn bad.  Robinhood might take 3 weeks to get back to you, even in cases of fraud…

These 2 Robinhood Stocks Are Down Around 15% This Month: Should You Buy the Dip?

There’s often a lot of hype surrounding Robinhood stocks, and sometimes that can help carry share prices to astronomical heights. But that isn’t happening of late with two of the…

September Technology Calls Expire Worthless for Robinhood Traders

The last few months have been terribly exciting for the technology sector. It is the most loved and the most hated at the same time. Long-term players want to be…

Chime Beats Robinhood With $14.5 Billion Valuation

Bank account startup Chime beat Robinhood to become the highest-valued fintech startup, valued at $14.5 billion after it raised money, a media report said. The San Francisco company in its…