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  • Parylene photonics enable future optical biointerfaces

Parylene photonics enable future optical biointerfaces

A Parylene photonic waveguide surrounded by neurons. Credit: Carnegie Mellon University College of Engineering Carnegie Mellon University’s Maysam Chamanzar and his team have invented an optical platform that will likely…

ROCCAT Debuts Performance Optical Switches Plus New Variants Of Its Award-Winning Vulcan Series PC Gaming Keyboards

ROCCAT’s full-size Vulcan Pro and the more compact Vulcan TKL Pro keyboards featuring the Titan Optical Switches will be available at participating retailers worldwide on Oct. 30, 2020 for MSRPs…

Technique permits convenient, precise optical imaging of individual proteins — ScienceDaily

Often considered the workhorses of the body, proteins are among the most important biomolecules critical to life processes. They provide structural foundation for cells and tissues and perform a dizzying…