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  • Council Post: Personal Data: Privacy Vs. Compensation

Council Post: Personal Data: Privacy Vs. Compensation

Chairman and CEO,¬†Permission.io. getty What is the value of your personal data? There is no simple answer. Most likely, nobody pays you a dime to use your personal data, so…

Tech, media executive compensation database: Apple, Disney, and more

Our tech and communications compensation database has data for executives from 93 IT and communications firms in the S&P 500.¬† The database includes compensation numbers for executives at firms such…

Exclusive: Canada Looks Set for a Fight Over C$1 Billion Compensation for Huawei Gear | Top News

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada is signaling it might not compensate major telecommunications providers if the federal government bans equipment made by China’s Huawei from 5G networks, setting up a potential…