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Backward Compatibility, PS4 Game Resolution, PS VR Confirmed

KEY POINTS About 99% of PS4 games will have backward compatibility for the PS5 Playing select PS4 games on the new console will see better loading speeds and graphics To…

PS5 Backwards Compatibility: All Confirmed Games To Support Game Boost So Far

Many questions about how the PlayStation 5 actually works remain unanswered as we quickly approach its November 12 launch date, but Sony has recently detailed the way PS4 backwards compatible…

YouTube website re-enables iOS 14 picture-in-picture compatibility

YouTube on Thursday restored compatibility with Apple’s iOS 14 picture-in-picture feature, allowing all users to view minimized content from a mobile browser. Earlier this month, the Google streaming video…

PS5 Backwards Compatibility: 99% Of PS4 Games Will Work, Sony Boss Says

In the aftermath of the PS5 showcase event, we now finally know the price and release date of the PlayStation 5. The system will launch on November 12 in a…