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Huawei CFO Dealt Fresh Setback in Fight Against Extradition

Meng Wanzhou leaves the Supreme Court in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on Sept. 28. Photographer: Darryl Dyck/Bloomberg Photographer: Darryl Dyck/Bloomberg Huawei Technologies Co. Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou failed to…

A new technology skill every worker needs to be more valuable: Former Goldman Sachs CFO

Former Goldman Sachs CFO and CIO Martin Chavez says all workers in the future should be prepared to learn some form of coding.  LinkedIn data shows that there’s been a…

A new tech skill all workers need to be valuable: Former Goldman CFO

Martin Chavez served in more than one major role during his Goldman Sachs career, including chief financial officer and chief information officer, and those experiences were prime opportunities for the…

Citi CFO on cutting office footprint, moving workers to low-cost areas

Citigroup’s CFO, Mark Mason, said the erroneous $900 million wire the firm recently sent was a chance to speed up plans to update the bank’s risk technology.  Speaking on Monday…