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New eclipsing double white dwarf binary discovered

Pan-STARRS1 color giy-bands image of ZTF J2243+5242, which is the blue object in the center of the image. Credit: Burdge et al., 2020. Astronomers from the California Institute of Technology…

Stepping ‘beyond binary’ to store data in more than just 0s and 1s — ScienceDaily

Electronic data is being produced at a breath-taking rate. The total amount of data stored in data centres around the globe is of the order of ten zettabytes (a zettabyte…

What Are Trans-Neptunian Objects? Scientists Spot Unusually Close Binary TNOs

KEY POINTS A team of researchers spotted a close pair of trans-Neptunian objects The unusually close pair was also occulting a binary star system The discovery was made with the…

Study investigates the nature of X-ray binary IGR J18214-1318

Swift’s XRT and BAT broadband spectrum of IGR J18214-1318. Top panel: data and best-fit model tbabs*pcfabs*(nthComp). Bottom panel: residuals in units of standard deviations. Credit: Cusumano et al., 2020. Using…