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Science Turns to Copper in the Fight Against COVID-19

SHERIDAN, Wyo., Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CopperJoint.com recognizes the value of copper in both everyday health and the fight against COVID19. People have been aware of the health benefits of copper for an exceptionally long time. Dating back to ancient Egypt when copper was used to sterilize battle wounds or purify water, copper has been a staple in health and safety. However, today, science is looking to copper in the fight against COVID-19. 

As reported by Arirang News in Bangkok, citing research from Jeonbuk National University, it was found that 99.8% of a virus dies with one minute of encountering a copper-infused mask and had completely disappeared within 10 minutes.

To verify the effectiveness of copper as it relates to COVID-19, the US Institute of Health has performed their own studies comparing Copper to other materials. Their findings proved staggering as COVID-19 survived on plastic for 72 hours, on stainless steel for 48 hours, however, the virus was dead after only 4 hours on copper. 

The studies and findings do not stop there. The Institution of Engineering and Technology recently reported on the history of copper and suggested that having copper available on doorknobs and on surfaces, especially within hospitals, could stop or slow down transmission. 

The application of copper in the fight against COVID-19 is prolific. Air purifiers with copper fibers are growing in demand, thin covers for elevator buttons infused with copper are also popular and those in fitness have yet another reason to turn to copper.

Longtime supporter and advocate for copper health alternatives, CEO of CopperJoint.com Stefano Starkel, had this to say; “We have been infusing copper into our compression garments for years. We know of the antimicrobial properties and pride ourselves in keeping our customers odor- and germ-free while aiding them in their overarching health. I am profoundly delighted that science is harnessing copper in the fight against COVID-19.”

Science continues to unearth the healing benefits of copper and the value it has within the epicenter of fighting pandemics, today and those of tomorrow.   Visit CopperJoint.com to read more studies, research and science-based findings.

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