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PHP Agency Inc. Invests in Tech Future With Bamboo

ADDISON, Texas – September 15, 2020 – ( Newswire.com )

​​​​​​​​During the PHP Agency, Inc. annual national convention, PHP Vision 2020, held virtually on Aug. 27, 2020, with an audience of more than 13,000 agents, PHP announced the upcoming launch of its new comprehensive agency management platform. The new platform, called Bamboo, will improve the communication between home office and the field, providing a common interface to manage the various agency activities required to run an insurance business.

David Hays, Chief Information Officer of PHP, says Bamboo is slated to launch on Oct. 12, 2020, and provides several features, such as allowing agents to submit new business, track and monitor commissions, manage licensing, appointments, and their book of business. The system also provides historical production numbers and trends, access to a real-time leaderboard and contests, and has as an internal messaging app to provide private communication with other agents and home office.

“Bamboo is a significant investment in PHP’s future. We’ve experienced tremendous year-over-year growth for the last several years, and YTD sales and recruiting numbers are up approx. 50% over last year,” Hays said. “PHP is primed for greater success, and we now have technology that can grow and scale in lockstep with our business.”

The system was named after the bamboo plant because of its ability to grow at exponential speeds in a short period of time, a property that exemplifies the potential of the new platform. “We feel this technology is going to be the bamboo of PHP, helping us reach our goal of 500,000 agents by 2029,” said Patrick Bet-David, CEO and Founder of PHP Agency. “The speed, efficiency, and delivery provided by Bamboo means that any Financial Marketing Organization with access to this software would be able to double their growth rate.”

At launch, Bamboo will be equipped with all vital functionality that will make it an instrumental resource for PHP and its agents, but there will be many opportunities to automate and improve features and processes in the future. 

“Our goal is to make doing business with home office as simple and easy as possible, so our agents can focus on growing their business,” Hays said. “For home office, the emphasis on automation will greatly improve our quality and efficiency.”

Bamboo came to fruition after Jennifer Bet-David, PHP’s Executive Vice President of Operations, brought her vision for a proprietary management system to Ian Benedict, Chief Financial Officer of PHP. After transforming her vision into a software initiative, Benedict worked with a dedicated team to create a system that equips PHP agents with information and tools to better manage their agencies. During a recent demo, reactions from agents who had an opportunity to use the software were resoundingly positive.

“When showing the dashboard interface with the ability to slice and dice production numbers and compare their output with peers, the agents attending actually cheered,” Benedict said. “They’re hungry for this type of transparency, and I believe it will give them the tools they need to push PHP to the next level.”

About PHP Agency Inc.

PHP Agency Inc. is a national financial services organization founded in 2009 by Patrick Bet-David. PHP partners with some of the world’s leading insurance and annuity carriers and provides a part-time or full-time opportunity to those wishing to pursue careers as life insurance agents. To date, PHP has over 16,000 licensed agents and has served more than 200,000 families. PHP Agency is privately held and headquartered in Addison, TX.

Contact: Tigran Bekian (Director of Marketing)  Tigran@phpagency.com

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