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Orion Expands Schwab, Fidelity Partnerships, Unveils New Tech In TAMP Revamp

Omaha-based Orion Advisor Solutions announced on Thursday an overhaul of its Orion Portfolio Solutions turnkey asset management platform.

The updates will include a new risk-scoring system, turnkey Market Cycle Advised Mandates UMA portfolios, access to Schwab’s custodial services and access to additional strategies from Fidelity Institutional.

Along with the new risk-scoring technology, Orion’s update reduces the platform’s client-facing risk assessment to seven questions.

“Investors demand to see their priorities, market attitudes, and long-term goals reflected in their relationships with their advisors,” said Rusty Vanneman, Chief Investment Officer of Orion Advisor Solutions. “The new technology and expanded partnerships we’ve invested in our TAMP offering break asset management out of its silo and connect it to a more complete and engaging process. We’re proud to have built an experience that excites investors and encourages growth and long-term success for advisors.”

Orion offers advisors its Market Cycle Mandates, a model-based three-mandate diversification process encompassing beta, intended to capture market movements; active management to adjust to market changes, and diversifiers to offer a low-correlation source of returns. The new offering creates turnkey UMA portfolios from these mandates with no platform or strategist fees using predominantly third-party investment strategies.

The updates also include an extension of Market*r, Orion’s automated prospecting and campaign building software, to users of the Orion Portfolio Solutions TAMP. A recently released proposal-generation solution helps advisors tie investment proposals to investors’ needs.

While Orion has an extant partnership with Schwab, the updates expand that partnership to bring Schwab into the TAMP as a custodian.

And with Fidelity, Orion has added eight additional model portfolios to its TAMP and more than 30 model portfolios and model-delivered SMAs to its Communities model marketplace.


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