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NICU tech brings new parents, newborns together virtually

CINCINNATI (FOX19) – New technology at Good Samaritan Hospital is helping families stay connected as hospitals are being forced to restrict visitors due to the pandemic.

a close up of a screen: Technology connecting families, newborns amid COVID-19 restrictions

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Technology connecting families, newborns amid COVID-19 restrictions

Cameras have been added to the neonatal intensive care unit. Some mothers say it has been life-changing allowing them to bond with their babies.

The new cameras have been placed in all 60 of the NICU units at Good Samaritan Hospital. It allows parents and their families to watch their newborn 24/7 remotely.

“It makes me happy being able to see him. I can’t imagine not having that camera system,” said a mother who did not want to be identified.

The mother says that she gave birth to her first son one week ago and that it has been difficult not being able to bring him home, especially since her husband has been overseas in Iraq with the Air Force.

“My husband’s been on deployment since June, so he’s over in Iraq right now,” she explained. “He’s been able to utilize the camera system and log on when he can, when the WiFi’s working at least. Just because he can’t be here and it’s our first baby and he’s been in the NICU for a while, so he loves it.”

Families can use the cameras to live stream video of the babies through their phones or tablets.

Christa Black, the Nurse Manger at the NICU, says that the cameras were already scheduled to be installed, but the need became even greater once the pandemic hit.

“The cameras have been here since June, so they came at the perfect time right during COVID when our visitor restrictions went into place,” Black said. “So right now, mom or the support person are the only two visitors who are able to visit in the unit.

“It’s been very helpful for families who have been away or unable to come in and visit grandparents especially who can log into the NICVIEW cameras and view their loved one here.”

The new mother says she watches her newborn multiple hours a day and couldn’t imagine life without the cameras.

“You know, you want to know what’s going on with your baby at home and you want to be there every second. Just being their mom and their parent, but you can’t be, so they have this and it’s perfect.”

The infant is doing well and is expected to be released from the hospital this weekend.

The woman’s husband is expected to come home in November.

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