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New technology to hide your social media past (Includes interview)

A further risk with past social media posts is that the repercussions are long-term and could tarnish one’s reputation years later. This forms part of the ‘cancel culture’; but rather than being withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures or companies after doing something offensive or deemed so, the ‘cancellation’ is aimed back at an individual.

What can people do to avoid being embarrassed over past mistakes? Darin Myman, CEO of DatChat, an encrypted social media platform makes the following points to Digital Journal:

Encryption is more important than ever before because our information and messages are vulnerable in so many new ways.

Most of us do not consider that our biggest vulnerability is what happens after we hit, send, share or submit, and we have to rely on others to protect our privacy. DatChat takes back control of our privacy from them, back to us.

Social media has brought a new set of problems that can have a huge impact on our lives. For the first time in history we can potentially lose our job not just for what we say or post on social media, but for what a spouse, family member or friend might post. If you ‘Like ‘the wrong meme, you can lose your job.

Myman explains that DatChat provides a safe and private way to socialize with our friends, family and our associates separately or together, without the fear of a gaffe or misinterpreted sarcasm ruining your life. He has made similar points to Forbes, in a piece about social messaging and data privacy.

Darin tells Digital Journal that: “DatChat strongly believes that we all are entitled to the same privacy and freedom of speech online that we have talking to our friends in our own living rooms. DatChat will never censor what you are sharing and commenting. Our technology insures that we do not have access to your messages, so we have no idea what you are talking about.”

Darin says that other features on the platform – which is ran via blockchain technology – include:

Encrypted Social Network: DatChat provides users with the ability to safely share and talk with your friends without the worry of censorship, getting canceled or the prying eyes of Big Data.

Create Multiple Social Networks: Keep your friends, family and work associates all separate. Create networks that require an invite to join or public groups that are searchable. The easy to use social network management makes it simple to create the type of social network you want, and it will always be private and secure.

Nuke & Self-Destructing Social Posts and Messages: The sender decides how many times pictures, posts or messages can be viewed before they self-destruct. The sender can also dictate how many views are left or erase the content at any time. Users can even opt to Nuke messages, which erase both sides of the conversation on both the sender and recipient’s devices. At any time, a member or the creator of a social network can “Nuke” all of their comments and posts from that group so that they instantly self-destruct without a trace.

Screenshot Prevention & Notification: Now you can prevent screenshots with our unique anti-screenshot technology that allows you to view an entire message or picture while protecting it from screenshots. If someone tries to screenshot, you will be notified immediately, and the post will automatically self-destruct for that user.

This type of technology will be beneficial for those concerned about data privacy and for helping to keep past indiscretions hidden.

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