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Microsoft Your Phone now lets you use your smartphone apps on PC

samsung galaxy note 20 windows your phone

  • Microsoft’s Your Phone tool is now getting the ability to run your mobile apps on PC.
  • This feature is restricted to Samsung’s Android phones though.

Microsoft’s Your Phone app does a good job of enabling closer integration between Android and Windows, allowing you to mirror your phone screen or get mobile notifications on desktop.

Microsoft and Samsung announced even tighter integration at the Galaxy Note 20 series launch last month, letting users run their phone apps on PC. Thankfully, the wait should be over for some as the Redmond firm announced that this feature is now ready for prime-time.

The Your Phone Twitter account notes that this new capability might take 48 hours to appear for you. So don’t fret if you’re not seeing it just yet.

This new feature is pretty neat nonetheless, allowing you to run and pin mobile apps on your PC. You can’t run multiple phone apps at once right now, but you can run a smartphone app alongside a PC program if that tickles your fancy.

Your Phone apps functionality is a Samsung-exclusive feature at the moment. More specifically, the functionality is restricted to the likes of the Galaxy S9 and higher, Galaxy Note 9 and higher, Samsung foldables, and some Galaxy A series phones. You can check out the full list of compatible phones on Microsoft’s website.

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