• Thu. Oct 6th, 2022



Lime is first company to roll out electric scooters as part of Seattle’s new mobility program

The Lime app now shows electric scooters available for rent around Seattle, along with the company’s fleet of bikes. (Lime screen grab)

Lime is the first company out of the gate with electric scooters as part of a new scooter share pilot program launched by the City of Seattle.

The company, which already has bikes in the city, started launching 500 of it’s signature green Lime-S scooters on Wednesday out of its warehouse in the Ballard neighborhood. Lime moved quickly after it was one of three companies selected to apply for permits to operate in the city. The other two companies — LINK and Wheels — are expected to launch in the coming weeks.

Lime’s free-floating scooters cost $1 to unlock through its mobile app (for adults 18 and up)  and 36 cents per minute to ride. The city requires helmets and riders are allowed to use bike lanes or trails where available. Riding on sidewalks and bus lanes is prohibited.

The Seattle Department of Transportation has more information about rules of the road and where to park on its scooter share website.

Lime previously deployed scooters to the White Center area, along with Spin, as part of another pilot program being run by King County.

With wildfire smoke lingering in Seattle and making for unhealthy air quality this week, Lime encouraged riders to use the scooters only for essential trips right now.

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