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LHU health science students published in the Journal of School Health | Lifestyle

LOCK HAVEN — Lock Haven University students Kara Wendling, Alexandra Paredes and McCartney Register were recently published in the Journal of School Health.

Wendling, Paredes and McCartney, undergraduate students in LHU’s Department of Health Science along Mary McMahon, an undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh, assisted LHU’s Dr. Jennifer Rudella and Dr. Beth McMahon with their community-based participatory action research study in the form of youth focus groups over the past two years.

Results were published this month in the Journal of School Health and titled “Community-Based Participatory Research: Engaging Youth to Provide Perspective on Risk and Protective Factors.”

The Journal of School Health is part of the American School Health Association and focuses on research related to the health and well-being of school-aged youth. The Journal of School Health is a top-tiered resource for professionals who work toward providing students with the programs, services, and environment they need for good health and academic success.

Their research consisted of investigating youth perceptions of the Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS), reaction to their population behaviors and youth-driven recommendations to decrease risk factors, and enhance mental health. The conclusions and implications emphasized the students’ suggestions of what families, schools and communities can do to improve youth development.

Dr. McMahon, emerita professor in the Department of Health Science, was the principle investigator and Dr. Rudella, associate professor in the Department of Health Science, was a co-investigator.

“The collaboration with LHU undergraduate students enriched the study and added a unique perspective in collection and evaluation of the data,” Rudella said. “It has been a pleasure working with these talented students.”

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