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Just Wallet Launches Its Debut Challenger Bank Technology Update

Just Wallet

Just Wallet
Just Wallet
Just Wallet

Toronto, Ontario, Sept. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A Startup Offering Ideal Currency Solutions

Just Wallet is a federally regulated money service business (MSB) based in Canada with its headquarters located in the financial disclosure of Toronto. In the past, the company successfully completed the implementation of an ATM machine pilot in 2019 and is soon to secure a patent for payment technology that accepts multiple forms of currency. As the most trusted Fintech banking, whitelabel technology on the market since 2017, Just Wallet intends to be the first choice to initiate online banking, e-wallet services, a payment processor, and a payment aggregator. As a fintech firm and fully trademarked company, Just Wallet strives to provide a leading service in finance. 

As a convenient and accessible finance service, Just Wallet provides users an effortless experience with prime navigational features and capability tools. The platform enables users to interact with management implementations and receive complete access to the system. Users can conduct domestic fund transfers, deposits, and withdrawals as well as currency exchange. Just Wallet ensures users full protection and monitorization of their fund transactions and transfers. User identity is prioritized with four options to confirm account identification. For additional security, the company has implemented a Dispute center where administrators and clients can communicate, file a claim, and have it processed for fraud evaluation. 

The company’s interface allows for up to six currencies to be managed and exchanged. User accounts receive instant alerts on payments received from third part sites. Notifications regarding account details like transactions and deposits can be synced to a user’s email or mobile device. The software is also available in application form for integrative purposes for a website’s landscape. Just Wallet’s assembly is designed with language compatibility presenting four selections of the most common languages including English, Russian, German, and Spanish.  

Client security is what motivates Just Wallet to provide its users exceptional software performance and dependability. The company’s port eliminates the complexities of a payment system and simplifies the process with outstanding performance and user-friendly engagement. Just Wallet’s software is suitable for both desktop and mobile devices, enabling instant, interchangeable access regardless of the user’s location. The Merchant setup permits users to accept various forms of payment through either their desktop or mobile device. For its combination of superior software and supreme customer care, Just Wallet is set apart in the Fintech sphere. Customer support is readily available, established with a ticket system for immediate solutions. With built-in updates, fixes, security, and access to 24/7 customer service, Fintech banking has never been simpler. 

For a fully portable payment system, Just Wallet packs a punch and has transformed the realm of digital banking. Upon free registration, each user receives their own unique client card where all their contact and account information are safely stored. With its integrated search engine, users can be found in just one click. Registration is easy with only basic information required and user profile data can be easily converted to spreadsheet formatting with the CSV export option. The system empowers administration to take full command through the client status system which operates as a portal to control client rights. Admins can monitor client activities and uphold identity, fraud, or ban statuses on their accounts, as necessary. Those in administrative positions also have the authority to correct a user’s transaction status, to confirm blocks or returns in just a few clicks. 

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