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Jason Mars And Other Tech Experts To Speak At FlyOver Tech Fest

Professor Of Computer Science Jason Mars To Discuss How To Turn Your Tech Business Ideas Into Reality

ANN ARBOR, MI / ACCESSWIRE / September 9, 2020 / FlyOver Tech Fest is shaping up to be an event to remember for anyone who is ready to make a name for themselves in tech. Named for the area of the country forced to do more with less when it comes to tech – the “fly over” zone – FlyOver Tech Fest is spotlighting tech leaders who know how to make the most of what they have at their disposal.

Former Google and Intel employee, Jason Mars, is a current computer science professor at the University of Michigan. He’s dedicated to finding innovative solutions for long-standing tech problems and empowering up and coming tech leaders to do the same.

Jason Mars and other tech industry leaders are covering several facets of getting ahead in the tech world, including successful hiring practices, how to fundraise, and how to scale your business through various stages of growth.

During his talk at FlyOver, Jason Mars will discuss what it takes to get your tech business off the ground when you’re coming from Middle America. Entitled “A New Voice from a Strange Place in the AI Revolution,” Jason Mars will cover how important networking can be when coming from an area that isn’t known for its place in the tech industry, and what up and coming tech leaders can do to get the mentorship they need from professionals who are more experienced.

An expert in artificial intelligence, Jason Mars understands the need for solid scientific research to be at the base of any tech company. At FlyOver, he’ll discuss how to leverage this reliable research base to help potential investors see the future in your company. Many tech and artificial intelligence companies today seem to have great ideas, but lack the research necessary to prove that the idea is likely to be a success. Being able to prove the validity of your tech idea to both your target market and potential investors is key, and Jason Mars will discuss how to talk to your network in a way that shows you’ve done the necessary research.

Jason Mars will also discuss how he leveraged his position as a tech leader in an area that’s not popular within the field, and how to make working remotely work to your advantage, both when it comes to business and to finding mentorship to move your forward. Jason Mars is passionate about sharing tips and tricks that work to get your business started in an area where it feels impossible. He understands how location, networking, belief in your idea, and continuous improvement must all work together to help get your business moving in the right direction.

A believer in using the resources you have at your disposal, Jason Mars will also talk about how to connect with whatever tech businesses you do happen to have available in your area, and how to work together to become a successful network. Jason Mars emphasizes seeing your location as an advantage, no matter how new and unusual that idea may seem.

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