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Google Chrome Update Makes Hacks And Password Changes Less Stressful

The latest update to Google’s Chrome, the most popular internet browser around, has a lot to offer users beyond speeds up to 10-times faster. The company has also begun testing a new feature that will streamline the process of handling passwords when certain login information is compromised.

With login and password leaks becoming an increasingly everyday occurrence, Chrome will now direct users straight to the page where any given password can be reset in the event that it is hijacked, Forbes reports. Whenever the browser serves a warning about certain login info being at risk, it will also display a button linking to the reset page, so long as the website supports the W3C standardized password change URL.

Support for this standard is relatively common now thanks to Apple, which included a function similar to the one added to Chrome in the version 13 update to Safari. Google, Facebook, and Twitter are among the other major adopters of the W3C password change URL.

This beta for this feature was added with the latest update. Google plans to implement the finished version when the next update, Chrome 86, goes live sometime in October.

This update will also bring a host of user-friendly security and privacy controls to Chrome, including the ability to control how websites are allowed to use cookies and whether or not certain data is shared with Google. The option to delete browsing history has also been moved to the top of “Privacy & Security” since it is utilized so often by users.

Chrome has further empowered user security with a new “Enhanced Safe Browsing” mode. With this mode turned on, the browser will take more active steps to checks sites and downloads for malware and phishing attempts. Google has pledged to roll out further protections in the year to come.

chrome-3729545_1920 Google Chrome on Android Photo: deepanker70/pixabay.com

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