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Glorious PC Gaming Race teases the 69 Gram Wireless Model O Gaming Mouse

Glorious Is Bringing A 69 Gram Wireless Mouse To The Market

Glorious PC Gaming Race has just teased their forthcoming Model O Wireless gaming mouse and things are looking good. The Model O was the first mouse released by Glorious PC Gaming Race and it earned the company accolades for being a fairly priced, lightweight gaming mouse with an interesting aesthetic. Consumers have been wondering when Glorious would announce a lightweight wireless mouse, as there has been a  trend towards lightweight wireless gaming mice from the major manufacturers like Logitech and Razer. With Glorious being a smaller company, they are going with a preorder model on the Model O, which is something they have done in the past.

Extensive details on the wireless Model O aren’t available, but Glorious has announced that it features the new BAMF sensor and will retail for $79.99. I believe the BAMF sensor is a customized version of the Pixart 3370, operating similarly to Pixart 3392 seen in the Corsair Dark Core Pro or the Focus+ Sensor seen in Razer wireless mice, which means it should be optimized to use less power. Glorious has the mouse coming in at 69 grams, so the integration of wireless has been done while keeping the mouse at a light weight. Glorious will be sticking with the Chinese-manufactured Omron 20 Million click switches on the Model O Wireless.

Glorious has kept the shape and design of the Model O intact. I hope that they’ve improved upon build quality, with the Model O having batches with consistency issues such as uneven button clicks and defective cables. My Model D had solid build quality and Glorious has improved quality over time with their various products, so I have high hopes for the Model O Wireless.

Glorious is going to open up pre-orders for the Model O Wireless on 9/23. Visit the Glorious Model O Wireless preorder page for more information and be sure to show up early on 9/23 for more details. I am unsure if Glorious will only be taking a limited number of preorders, or if ordering will be open.

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