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Gary leaders debate mayor’s armed guard, security camera mandate to curb violent crime | Gary News

“We have 52, 53 gas stations, and that’s a lot of shifts, a lot of people,” Godwin said.

Crime up in Gary

Evans said the need for working security cameras — and potentially armed guards — is great.

As of Wednesday, the city had tallied 35 homicides and 113 gunshot victims so far in 2020, compared to 37 homicides and 81 gunshot victims the same time last year, according to figures provided by the Gary Police Department.

At least 15 shootings this year occurred at various gas stations, six of which resulted in homicides, according to Evans.

Evans said the first homicide of the year occurred at a gas station at 15th and Chase, a second occurred at 45th and Broadway, and two people were found dead at 49th and Broadway in separate homicides.

Police are also aware of a number of shootings near establishments near Fifth and Ohio and 49th and Georgia Street.

As Evans reported shooting and homicide locations to the committee Tuesday, as requested by Committee Chair Dwight Williams, Councilman Clorius Lay, D-at large, interrupted Evans, and questioned whether he should be doing that.

“I’m not sure, chief, that you should be giving addresses on businesses like that … I’m not sure it’s proper to do that,” Lay said. “I wouldn’t do what you’re doing, you’re affecting these private businesses. If they’re that bad that you want to affect them, close them.”

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