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Florida professor develops smartphone adapter to test for COVID-19

a screenshot of a cell phone on a table: Dinglasan’s team will receive $200,000 for their entry in the competition

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Dinglasan’s team will receive $200,000 for their entry in the competition

GAINESVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT/WCJB) – A professor at the University of Florida is being honored for his part in creating a smartphone adapter that tests for COVID-19.

Rhoel Dinglasan, a Professor of Infectious Diseases at UF, along with two others, placed second in the National Institute of Health’s Technology Accelerator Challenge.

The CLIP-CAM was designed to test for Malaria and Anemia using saliva. The test was then modified to also test for COVID-19.

The adapter attaches to the iPhone and allows individuals to use a saliva sample to test for COVID-19. Results from the test return the same day.

“The idea is, more people can now use an app on your iPhone, with our adapter, with our test, and basically get tested within half an hour from the comfort of their own home,” said Dinglasen.

Dinglasen and his team were awarded $200,000 for their creation. The group said they plan to use the money to create and prototype and eventually release the product to the public.

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