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Edison Nation Launches Direct to Consumer PPE Initiative; Amazon Update

Purple Mountain Clean Hand Sanitizer


5-Pack of Health Disposable Face Masks


Shower Lily, Loofah Handle packaged w/Loofah


Bethlehem, P.A., Sept. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Edison Nation, Inc. (NASDAQ:EDNT), a multifaceted ecosystem that fosters innovation and drives IP, media and consumer products, today announced the launch of new products on Amazon.

“We are excited to enter the Direct to Consumer PPE market with the launch of our initial Amazon PPE Products: Purple Mountain Clean Hand Sanitizer and InUSA disposable face masks,” said Christopher Ferguson, CEO.

Purple Mountain Clean a custom blended Made in America hand sanitizer and InUSA 5-pack Disposable Face Masks were recently added to Edison Nation’s catalog of products to compliment the Company’s existing brands such as Cloud B and UberMom.

“Over the last 3 months, we’ve seen a 48% increase in Amazon sales as compared to the same period in 2019 as of result of continually increasing sales of our core brands,” said Edison Nation Chief Executive Officer, Chris Ferguson. “With the Company’s entry into the direct-to-consumer market for PPE supplies, we anticipate that our sales will continue to increase over the coming quarters.”

The company also introduced a new product invented by a member of the Edison Nation Innovator Community, Danny Blacker, called Shower Lily. Shower Lily is a reusable loofah handle, packaged perfectly on Amazon with a luxurious loofah puff and is licensed under Edison Nation’s brand Lily & Gray Living. “Amazon has been a focus of ours over the last several quarters, and we are excited to continue to add to our catalog with “Edison Grown” entrepreneurs,” said Christopher Ferguson. “Nothing better than Made by an Everyday Edison,” added Ferguson.

All three items debuted within the last two weeks and are averaging 5-star ratings.

New items available:

Edison Nation Medical

The Company’s medical division, Edison Nation Medical, has launched its online portal for hospitals, government agencies and distributors to access its catalog of Personal Protective Equipment. The site can be found at www.edisonnationmedical.com.

About Edison Nation, Inc.

Edison Nation, Inc. (EDNT), is a multifaceted ecosystem which fosters innovation and drives IP, media and consumer products. Edison offers innovation sourcing, product design, sales, manufacturing, and fulfillment services. Edison Nation’s model is to source innovative ideas to launch internally or license to brand partners. Edison Nation hopes to leverage its television property, Everyday Edisons, to become the recognized leader in the innovator community. For more information, please visit www.edisonnation.com.

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