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Did You Know COVID-19 Virus Can Stay This Long On Your Smartphone? Check Out!


Though businesses and lifestyle is bouncing back to normal everywhere, the COVID-19 pandemic crisis is still causing a lot of trouble for people across the world. It has become essential for us to wash our hands frequently and disinfect our gadgets and other belongings from time to time to stay safe from the virus.

Did You Know COVID-19 Virus Can Stay This Long On Your Smartphone?

A recent study by Australian researchers has revealed that the virus causing COVID-19 can survive on glass, banknotes, and stainless steel for up to 28 days. This indicates that the virus can also thrive on the glass on your smartphone’s display for nearly a month, provided it is not disinfected properly.

New Study’s Findings

As per CSIRO, the national science agency of Australia, the virus remained infectious for almost 28 days on surfaces such as plastic, banknotes, and glass on mobile phone displays at a temperature of 20-degree Celsius. The study in the Virology Journal reinforces the significance of washing hands and sanitizing and wiping down surfaces that could come into contact with the virus. The researchers stress that it is important to clean and disinfect smartphones to curb the spread of coronavirus.

What’s concerning is that this study dismisses the previous study that suggests that the virus can survive on select surfaces only for a few days.

Going by this new study, you need to disinfect your gadgets and the devices that you tough such as smartphones, laptops and others very often. Given that the winter season is approaching soon in India and it is possible for temperatures to take a plunge, experiments have conducted to prove that the virus can survive longer at cooler temperatures. The study claims that the infectious virus survived less than a day at 40-degree Celsius on select surfaces.

Tips To Disinfect Your Smartphone

Talking about disinfecting your smartphone, there are many ways to do it. One option is to use alcohol-based disinfectant wipes or sprays with 70% alcohol. The other option is to use UV sanitizing products to disinfect phones, keys, and more. We have already seen how to disinfect or sanitize smartphones and other gadgets.

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