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Crytek Releases New Ray Tracing Technology Video Showcasing Crysis Remastered in Action

Developer Crytek has taken to YouTube to release a brand new trailer for their highly anticipated remastered title, Crysis.

The new trailer is more of a tech demo as it showcases the developer’s new ray tracing technology. This new technology brings Crysis Remastered to another level as the graphics are pretty insane. Crytek notes that Crysis is perfect for their ray tracing technology as there are a lot of levels with rain, oceans, and dark hallways that really bring the best out of ray tracing.

The new trailer is 45 seconds long and manages to showcase some pretty looking shots which were all captured on the PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and Xbox X.

Check out the latest trailer for Crysis Remastered down below:

Crysis Remastered Ray Tracing Technology explain from Crytek:

Crysis Remastered is an excellent showcase for our unique ray tracing technology thanks to its sandbox levels filled with water and oceans, which all reflect beautifully. You’ll also see the power of ray tracing on reflective surfaces in the game like glass, metal, weapons, and more. On PC, we push things further with higher reflection resolutions, and character and skinning reflections.

Traditional ray tracing techniques will push even high-end PCs to their limits, and previously ray tracing was a technique that was exclusive to offline renderers. However, because CRYENGINE’s ray tracing solution is API and hardware agnostic, highly modifiable, and can be made very efficient, it will run on today’s consoles and current generation GPUs.

The technology also runs in real-time. Unlike RTX ray tracing, it’s not dependent on RTX cores, so thanks to the power of CRYENGINE, Crysis Remastered will be the first current-gen console game to feature ray tracing. On PC, our ray tracing solution will be enhanced by more powerful graphics cards, including Nvidia’s latest range of hardware.

Crytek has recently released another trailer for Crysis Remastered, which showcased some of the new technology used for the game.

We got to see some of the vast improvements that have been implemented into the game such as high-quality textures up to 8K resolution, Global Illumination (SVOGI), state-of-the-art depth fields, new light settings, motion blur, and more. Make sure to check out the previously released trailer right here!

Crysis Remastered launches next week, September 18th, for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Are you excited for the upcoming remaster? Let us know in the comments below!

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