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Best Phone Controller For Xbox Cloud Gaming In 2020

Xbox’s Project xCloud will officially launch on September 15 with a lineup of more than 170 games. Starting then, anyone with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription will have access to Xbox cloud gaming and be able to play Xbox games on their Android smartphone or tablet. However, you’ll need a phone controller if you want to experience cloud gaming, and there are a lot of different choices to consider, from official pads that require mobile controller clips to third-party ones that don’t. Thankfully, some of the best Xbox One controllers are compatible with Android devices, and there are a lot of other great cloud gaming controller options as well.

That’s why we’ve tested and identified the best controllers for use for cloud gaming on our Android phones. Each of the following controllers provides a unique but great experience, and it can be hard to tell which ones are worth your time and money. If you’re looking for something akin to console and PC gaming, then there are a number of pads that provide that experience. However, there are also a couple that can turn your Android smartphone into a handheld like the Nintendo Switch, making portability easy and fun.

Quick Look: Best Phone Controller Options for Xbox Cloud Gaming

We’ll keep this article updated as we test more phone controllers, clips, and devices, but in the meantime, read on for our current overview of the best xCloud phone controllers out there. Please note that the prices listed below indicate the regular price and don’t reflect any current discounts or fluctuations. Amazon tends to discount products regularly, so you may be able to snag any of these controllers for a great price if you’re patient.

Best controller clips for mobile phones

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