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Apple sues a company that it should recycle iPhones, but ended up secretly selling 100,000 units

Geep Canada received just over half a million units of iPhones and iPads from Apple for dismantling.

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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Apple is suing a Canadian company that it hired to recycle old iPhones and iPads but which, according to the Cupertino company’s lawsuit, secretly sold 100,000 units instead.

According to a report from the Apple Insider site, the firm Geep Canada received from Apple just over half a million units of iPhones and iPads for dismantling, however, the technology firm has noted in an audit that 18% of these devices remain On circulation.

According to another report to the site The Verge , Apple assumes that there are many more devices that are being used without connection to mobile networks. The apple firm warns that these devices have not undergone a new safety certification so they could potentially have battery or electrical system defects that could harm users.

Apple’s lawsuit against Geep Canada seeks compensation of no less than $ 22.7 million.

The Canadian brand defends itself against this complaint saying that it was the subject of a theft by some employees who saw the opportunity to use these devices. According to The Logic page, Apple has been aware of these arguments since 2018, but in the lawsuit filed in 2020 it ensures that in any case, the employees involved held positions of power in the recycling company.

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