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Apple mass producing ‘AirTags,’ about to begin ‘iPhone 12’ production

A new report from the supply chain says that Apple has already begun “AirTags” mass production, plus it will soon ramp up “iPhone 12” manufacturing, and it’s also increasing orders for iPads.

As rumors persist that Apple will announce the date of its “iPhone 12” event, a new report claims that production is now or shortly to be underway on Apple’s “AirTags,” certain models of “iPhone 12,” and new iPads.

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, Apple has managed to shorten the coronavirus-induced production delays to weeks instead of months. The “iPhone 12” range is reported to be about to begin limited manufacturing, before ramping up toward the end of September or the start of October.

“We’ve managed to shorten the delay significantly and we are not stopping here,” a supply chain executive reportedly said. “The final assembly for some models is still going to be early October, but we are working to keep moving the production as early as possible.”

Backing up other recent rumors, Nikkei Asian Review says that the “iPhone 12” production is going to start with the expected 6.1-inch OLED “iPhone 12 Max.” Reportedly this model amounts to 40% of all the 5G iPhone orders Apple has placed

It’s claimed that Apple has ordered components for up to 80 million 5G iPhones, but two sources have told Nikkei Asian Review that it’s more likely only between 73 and 74 million will be produced before the end of the year. The remainder will be produced in early 2021.

While production on the “iPhone 12” range builds up, Nikkei Asian Review also says that Apple is already mass producing the forthcoming “AirTags” accessory. Plus it has increased production for new iPads, reportedly aiming for 27 million devices between September and December.

That’s claimed to be almost as many as Apple produced of its entire iPad range in July to December 2019.

Nikkei Asian Review sources also deny rumors of an annual refresh of the iPhone SE. Reportedly multiple sources say that there won’t be a 2021 version.

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