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Appify Announces Launch of No-Code Appify Marketplace, Plus Two Premium Apps for Field Service and Field Sales

Appify (formerly Turbo Systems), the fast-growing no-code platform for business apps, today announced the launch of the Appify Marketplace, where companies of all sizes can access, customize and deploy new apps in minutes to automate critical tasks and better serve customers across their businesses.

Appify is kicking off the launch of the Marketplace by offering two premium Apps to help transform the experience of mobile field workers. With Appify Field Service and Appify Field Sales premium apps, companies can deploy apps to help their field teams manage work orders, assets, inventory, quotes, customer and contact information; or to generate project bids from wherever they’re engaging with customers or prospects, in minutes.

These latest enhancements to the Appify suite have allowed mid-market businesses like Modesto Irrigation District to increase efficiency significantly as crews can handle more jobs through better visibility. Partners Tech Services, ATM servicing for Diebold and other ATM manufacturers, saw similar advantages from moving their paper-based process to Appify, each field worker has gotten back at least an hour per day in efficiency gains when using the Appify Field Service app.

GDT Repair, a family-owned business that helps restaurants keep their equipment running and whose clients include big-name restaurant chains like Applebee’s, Panera Bread and Tim Hortons now uses Appify Field Service to cut back hours typically spent on manual paperwork. In addition, the app allows them to reduce its time to deliver invoices from 15 days to five minutes leading to increased cash flow for the business.

“Before Appify Field Service, all repair technicians would capture details of work onsite with paper, take pictures on their phones and didn’t have access to customer data,” said President of GDT Repair, Blake Tarana. “But with this new Appify App, we can now easily create and manage jobs on a mobile device even when out of internet range, with techs being able to email reports immediately out to customers, showing signatures, images and report details, and saving the company time and money.”

Appify will continue to add apps to the marketplace with Appify Work Orders, Appify Asset Tracker, Appify Inventory, Appify Equipment Rentals, Appify Inspections, Appify Quoting and Appify Safety Checklist to be added in coming months.

“As we helped customers build apps on our platform, we realized there were a lot of best practices we could place into one, generic app – thus making it so much faster for people to get up and running, while still being able to customize,” said Agni Ananda, Appify’s Director of Customer Success. “By the end of this year, Appify will have the Appify Marketplace which will include a dozen more apps to address specific use cases like Quoting, Work Orders, and Inventory.”

Want to learn more about these new Appify apps? Request a demo at: www.appify.com/demo

Appify’s customers include Keysight, United Service Technologies, Johnson & Johnson, and Relo Solutions Group; and traction in a wide range of industries such as Commercial Food, ATM, Construction, Medical Devices, Semiconductor, and Technology.

About Appify

Appify is on a mission to bring great software to every employee in your business by making it easy for anyone to build mobile apps that accelerate their work. Whether you automate a manual process or enhance your current software, you can build a user-friendly mobile app with Appify. Located in Silicon Valley, Appify was funded by Mayfield. For more information, connect with us on www.appify.com

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