• Mon. Nov 28th, 2022



Amazon To Hold Job Fair Next Week For 33,000 Open Positions, Many With High Salaries

E-commerce giant Amazon is set to hold a job fair on Sept. 16, with the company having 33,000 openings for corporate and tech positions across the United States. The nationwide virtual event, known as 2020 Career Day, will feature 1,000 recruiters “to provide 20,000 career coaching sessions to attendees in a single day,” according to a company press release.

Career Day will also include three hours of mainstage programming with career-advice experts and Amazon executives. The event is intended to support job seekers in all fields, whether they are looking for a job at Amazon or another company.

“COVID-19 continues to affect millions of people across the country, and people are eager for the opportunity to get back to work,” said Beth Galetti, Senior Vice President Human Resources at Amazon. “We’ve created more jobs in the U.S. over the past decade than any other company – and we are continuing to hire people from all backgrounds and at all skill levels. We are glad to be able to mobilize more than 1,000 experienced recruiters and HR professionals to help job seekers across the country learn about opportunities at Amazon and elsewhere.”

An Amazon spokesperson told CNN that the open tech and corporate positions offer an average annual total compensation of $150,000, including salary and stock options. 

Amazon’s business has exploded this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The company hired 175,000 new workers in the spring to keep up with increased demand, with e-commerce sales growth increasing to 48% in the second quarter. 

Amid the pandemic, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ net worth has skyrocketed above $200 billion, becoming the richest person in history. Amazon’s stock price has risen from $1,676 in March to above $3,500 in September. 

The pandemic has also sparked controversy at the company. Protesters recently showed up at Bezos’  estate in Washington, D.C., demanding a wage increase and setting up a guillotine outside of his home. In March, Amazon employees at the company’s Staten Island warehouse staged a walkout over working conditions during the pandemic, with the company firing the organizer of the demonstration.

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