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7 Best Learning Platforms for Education


Feb 14, 2022

Advanced technology has made almost every single act we engage in easier in some way. According to Collected.Reviews from the comfort of our location, we could engage in different goal-oriented activities.

Advanced tech has its imprints on the education sector as well. In today’s world, from the comfort of your homes and safe spaces, you could access knowledge/take and attend classes hassle-free.

Many online learning platforms have emerged over time.

Some reviews on learning courses online state that online learning is gradually leveling up towards in-person learning.

This article carefully outlines some of the best learning platforms for education.

1.  Udemy:

Udemy is a platform that runs as many as 150,000+ courses on its platform. These courses range from marketing to art and creativity, web designing, etc. Taking courses on Udemy is quite affordable as most of the courses are as cheap as $9. Udemy does not run a free trial option when starting. But when you enroll for these courses, there are a range of learning activities it offers—from assignments to tests and although Udemy is not an accredited organization, it gives learners a certificate of completion after each course. The courses are also free to download within the app and access wherever. It’s learning-at-your pace friendly.

2.  SkillShare:

this is one of the platforms where you get a wholesome learning experience. The number of courses offered on SkillShare varies—creative courses on photography, film studies to Business courses, etc. unlike Udemy, it offers a 2 months free trial and your premium membership gives you access to all its courses.

3.  LinkedIn Learning:

LinkedIn learning is a platform LinkedIn purchased from a company called Lynda. It runs with a 1-month trial and gives its users a certificate of completion which can be uploaded to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

4.  Edx:

Edx was founded by Harvard and MIT. It runs a learning program with a sustainable certificate issuance when you choose to pay for the course. There’s an option if you only want to gain knowledge. The classes come with downloadable videos and sections where you could interact with others over the course.

5.  Coursera:

Coursera was founded by institutions like Princeton, Yale, and Stanford. It offers a variety of courses and when paid for, you get a viable certification from these universities.

6.  Masterclass:

Masterclass is an online learning platform that is based mostly on creative courses. These are courses taught directly by celebrities who are veterans in that field. You could take from acting classes to singing classes and writing etc from experts in that field. Masterclass, unlike SkillShare, doesn’t offer a free trial.

7.  YouTube:

YouTube is one of the renowned platforms to gain knowledge. There are varieties of useful learning tools across YouTube. Harvard University Cs courses can be found on their YouTube page. With YouTube, you gain a free wholesome learning experience.

This proliferation of online learning is making education both easier and cheaper. It’s great to have means of learning options and these platforms give that to you.