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12 Best Non-Gaming Twitch Channels 2020 | The Strategist

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Maybe it’s because of all the extra time we’ve had at home during quarantine, but over the last few months, people have been logging onto sites like Twitch and Facebook Gaming (where you can watch people play Minecraft or narrate old wrestling videos) more than ever: In July, our sister site, the Verge, reported that viewership on streaming sites “grew to 5 billion hours watched between April and June,” a 50 percent increase from the first quarter of 2020. And it’s not just gamers who are getting the attention. People are watching all sorts of things — from tabletop role-playing games to arts and crafts to sculpting to live animation to a bike messenger fearlessly weaving in and out of New York City traffic.

To find some of the best non-gaming streaming channels, I started by shooting a message to Bijan Stephen, a writer at the Verge who covers Twitch. His favorite was Tablestory, a channel dedicated to tabletop RPGs. So after checking out Tablestory, I asked a producer and host on that channel, Sara “Pumpkinberry” Paige, to recommend her favorite streamer. She likes a channel that follows a woman creating an animated film live on Twitch, so I asked the host of that channel to recommend her favorite. And so on. The result is a list of 12 of the best non-gaming streaming channels available right now, according to seven non-gaming streamers and two Verge writers.

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