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  • Mount Wilson Observatory Survives a Trial by Fire

Mount Wilson Observatory Survives a Trial by Fire

But by 10 a.m Friday, a composite image, generated at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, at the foot of Mount Wilson, of the observatory and the fire boundaries suggested that the…

Wildfire kept away from historic California observatory

Updated 12:43 pm PDT, Wednesday, September 16, 2020 FILE – This Aug. 9, 2014, file photo, shows the dome of the historic Mount Wilson Observatory, which houses the 100-inch (254 cm)…

Will The Most Important Observatory In Astronomy’s History Survive The 2020 Wildfires?

A photo from the HPWREN cameras posted atop Mount Wilson Observatory, showing the approaching … [+] wildfires from September 14th, 2020. The Bobcat fire, at over 41,000 acres, is threatening…

3,200 megapixels! The camera heart of future Vera Rubin Observatory snaps record-breaking 1st photos

The camera core for the future Vera C. Rubin Observatory has snapped its first test photos, setting a new world record for the largest single shot by a giant digital…