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GE Lightens Up Remote College Living

C by GE Full Color bulb GE Our daughter’s freshman year of college was suddenly derailed  — just days before she was leaving for her dorm. No in-person classes nor…

How ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ became a ‘living game’ with Azure AI

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a triumph, one that fully captures the meditative experience of soaring through the clouds. But to bring the game to life, Microsoft and developer Asobo Studio…

Create a grown-up living room with sleek home entertainment tech

You Got This is a series that spotlights the gear you need to improve one area of your life. If you buy something from this post, we may earn an…

From the archive: the science of living longer, 1973 | Life and style

Before Alex Comfort became famous for The Joy of Sex, he was a plain old gerontologist and for the Observer Magazine of 23 September 1973, he wrote about the science…