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How Sponges Will Inspire Tall Structures

Ozgur Donmaz/Getty/Matheus Fernandes/Harvard SEAS Sea sponges have inspired a new double lattice for construction. Animal-inspired technology, especially from creatures that build and weave, is huge right now. The sponge-inspired lattice…

Animal rivalries could inspire ‘Napoleonic’ intelligence

Oct. 6 (UPI) — In a paper published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications, scientists argue that rivalries among animal neighbors could drive cognitive evolution, encouraging the development of ‘Napoleonic’…

Marine sponges inspire the next generation of skyscrapers and bridges

When we think about sponges, we tend to think of something soft and squishy. But researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) are…

Huawei opens core tech to developers and hopes to inspire the next TikTok

Image: Huawei Huawei has announced it will fully open core technologies, including its software and hardware capabilities, to developers and partners. As part of this plan, Huawei will open software…