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  • Pac-12 CEOs plan to vote today on 2020 football season

Pac-12 CEOs plan to vote today on 2020 football season

Later today, the Pac-12 presidents and chancellors will cast the most significant vote since conference expansion. We learned long ago not to assume anything when the CEOs convene for a…

10 highest-rated CEOs during the coronavirus crisis: Glassdoor ranking

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly put the leadership of many CEOs and executives to the test with forced office closures, remote meetings and, for many, no in-person interactions for the near future. …

Glassdoor: The top 8 tech CEOs during COVID-19

Tech was the most represented industry on the overall list, choosing leaders whom staff said prioritized flexibility, and encouraged a work-life balance, as well as health and safety. Image: tadamichi,…

CEOs harness technology to strengthen their organizations amid COVID-19

Despite economic uncertainty and unprecedented challenges arising from the pandemic, 60 percent of the U.S. CEOs we surveyed recently told us they’re more confident about their company’s growth prospects than…